Empowering Your Climate Action

Our mission is to bolster the climate action ecosystem, deepen environmental knowledge networks and embolden you with robust tools to regenerate our planet.
Our Why

Because time is up.

We are inspired by the tens of thousands of people, organizations, governments who are working to move the needle on climate change in our lifetime.

Our commitment is to invest in and create technology that can keep up with your passion for the planet and action-oriented momentum. With powerful tools in the hands of the right people, we can regenerate our planet.

Powered by Climate Action Systems

Climate Action Systems is a nonprofit organization uniting efforts to resolve the climate crisis by creating a powerful network of impact. In the Planet app, we bring teams and changemakers together - to help people discover one another, share ideas, resources, and experiences - and to accelerate our collective impact.

We are creating a connective infrastructure that builds on our gains in climate action and allows us to scale success across the globe. Together, we can move beyond silos into networks of impassioned changemakers and committed organizations. We can create a ripple effect that regenerates sustainable life on our planet.

DesignED with climate action in mind

United, we’re a force of nature

For Individuals
Connect with other motivated activists

All of the expertise, passion, talent, and vitality of the climate action movement is coalescing in Planet which in-turn learns from and accelerates their impact.

Propel the movement forward

Form a Pod out of an existing group or join groups of likeminded individuals and experts showing up to make meaningful progress on specific areas of climate action.

Forge a New Kind of Activism

Join changemakers around the world in a powerful, connected community transforming our independent efforts into a cascade of global impact
Or, contact us for help migrating your group to Planet