Chief Operating Officer, Climate Action Systems (CAS)

As the Chief Operating Officer of Climate Action Systems (CAS), Juan leads the strategy and operations across the entire Planet team. With a passion for launching impact startups, he previously founded a sustainability venture studio, driving the growth and fundraising of multiple environmental companies. He thrives on devising systemic changes and leading technical teams to deliver sustainable solutions that combine social and commercial benefits. Having overhauled large UK corporations as a strategy consultant at Accenture and driven national-level strategies as a senior South African government official in the UK, he is particularly focused on mediating across disparate public and private sector interests.

Whilst providing solar power to off-grid communities in Kenya, he witnessed first-hand the transformative power that clean energy can have on people’s livelihoods, fueling his desire to make a lasting impact on the environment. Later, his commitment to combating climate change and preserving precious habitats was solidified through his work in Indonesia and the Dominican Republic tackling ocean plastic.

Juan holds a Masters in International Business from the University of Edinburgh and is a Chartered Environmentalist at the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment. When he is not working towards creating a more sustainable future, he enjoys improvising on the ceramic wheel and shuffling his feet to a convoluted salsa and samba mashup.